No Criminal Record

Jason was my lawyer in both cases I had and he handled them excellently. In both cases I was facing a possible criminal record. One was for vandalism and the other was for marijuana possession. The first case got dismissed thanks to Jason, and the second case was brought down to only a civil penalty. In both cases I was able to avoid a criminal record thanks to Jason. Would recommend for sure.

Excellent and Tenacious Courtroom Attorney and DUI expert

I was charged with driving under the influence following a police stop in late 2015. I consulted with Jason the following week and was impressed with his review of the available records, recommendations, and desire to take the case to court. He discussed the available options, including the first offender program (a criminal charge with lesser charges), possibility of a plea to reckless driving if offered, and taking the case to court, and the risks and benefits of each.

Ultimately when the case went to trial, Jason performed an excellent cross examination of the arresting officer, including review of the video footage from the stop and legality of the stop itself. Jason's excellent courtroom performance ultimately led the police officer to become distressed and confused while serving as a witness. Given the questionable legality of the stop, in coordination with Jason's excellent questioning and the police officers visible frustration, we were able to plea to a lesser charge.

Many other lawyers that specialize in DUI law, particularly in Delaware, will often recommend accepting the first offender program as the primary option. Throughout the nearly year long process, Jason was willing to consider different options, was open to taking the case to trial, and ultimately resulted in a lesser charge.

While the best option certainly is to avoid drinking and driving; for those in a similar situation looking for a lawyer - Jason is an outstanding, knowledgable, and tenacious attorney that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Would Recommend

I retained Jason for my case of a DUI of Drugs in DE. He made the right call to take it to trial and was confident while still realistic throughout the process. He stuck it to the DA and won the case. I was found NOT GUILTY of DUI. I would hire him again if I ever needed.

Excellent Results

Jason Antoine did a great job handling my case. He was very thorough and professional throughout the process. He kept me up to date on the progress and provided me with all options with potential outcomes. The final outcome was very positive and was based on his experience and knowledge.

Case dismissed!

I am so lucky to have found Jason! He made me feel taken care of and at ease during a very stressful time. He's very caring, positive, and professional. My case ended up being dismissed, thanks to him! I would recommend him to anyone.

Fantastic job

I had got myself in a situation and knew I needed a attorney for it. Searched around talked to a few attorneys but I found myself not comfortable. When I met with Mr. Antoine I knew immediately he was the attorney for me. Very professional gave it to me straight on the different ways things could go, but told me not to worry he would fight for me all the way. And he did exactly that. I hope I never need to hire an attorney again but if I do I'm definitely hiring Mr. Antoine. Words can not express how grateful I am for his help and determination. Thank you so much.

Excellent Lawyer

I recommend Jason to everyone because he is very honest and helping person.

He took my expungment case and that case was not possible expungment before 5 years, but he won it my case and, my case has been expungment. He gave me my life back. God bless you Jason.

Had my case dismissed

As an educated man I know the value of having a professional on your side. Jason clearly explained my position and my options, which was very reassuring. I had a minor summary offense written against me which I would surely have lost had I entered the court without representation. Jason had my ticket withdrawn without me even having to attend court. Jason confronted the arresting officer finding examples of improper procedure. I can now have even the record of getting the ticket expunged. To top it off, I got my fifty dollar deposit back from the court. You want this man on your side!

Great Results...Even Under Bad Circumstances

Attorney Antoine undertook a DUI case with additional ( very serious ) misdemeanors on my behalf. He was always professional, prompt and vigilant when it came to representing me.He's seemingly annoyed at times but in no way disrespectful or hostile.

At my Prelim he was focused & aggressive while cross examining the arresting officer. He also negotiated a short probation period resulting in my charges being dismissed totally. I was told this wasn't an option by other attorneys. Jason,somehow got me a break. My family and I are thankful for that. He's a good lawyer. I'd recommend him without a doubt.


This man won a DUI refusal case for me. At the preliminary hearing, my case was dismissed. Mr. walked all over the arresting officer and found multiple examples of improper procedure. You can rely on this man, and he does not play games or make false promises. No BS or car salesman tactics. Honest, straightforward, and to the point. I HIGHLY recommend this man if you live in Pennsylvania and are in need of a qualified reliable attorney.

Gifted Defense Attorney

There is many attorneys’ working in the field of criminal defense but few can give you a clear view and concise possibilities, in responding and resolving cases in timely and efficient manner then Jason. Not only resolving my case but finding resolution in way that cushioning the blow, and having charges reduced from misdemeanor to disorderly conduct meaning if was not for his expertise and experience working both sides of the field as DA and Criminal defense attorney; I would have definitely been looking at more serious pending charge against me. I highly recommend this attorney (you be the judge); would you rather chose Lexus 410 or Chevy Cavalier car (enough said)!